Welcome to The Tribe Mountain Bike Club

You have just landed at the web site of the North West of England’s Premier Mountain Bike Club. If you have a passion for all things 2 wheeled, knobbly tyred and don’t mind getting muddy then you’ve found the right place.

This could be you…..

Are your mountain biking friends not able to get out when you want to ride?
Perhaps you would rather have control of your own life rather then hoping that driver on his mobile phone will see you at the roundabout? All that lycra isn’t going to save you.
Bored of being frozen and uncomfortable while stressing about avoiding pot holes on your skinnny tyres while breathing all sorts of nasty fumes?
You need to be mountain biking…..

We are an informal club who enjoy riding bikes and want to ride with like minded people like yourself. Our routes and style is trail orientated (ones that go down are the best), in the main we are not cross country racers nor are we downhillers. Our typical bikes range from 120mm hardtails through to 160mm full suspension. We have both male and female members but regrettably in the interests of following Child safety legislation our membership is not open to under 18’s. Membership numbers average 40-50 people but don’t worry you won’t see them all out on a ride at once. Just like you everyone has personal commitments that mean they pick and choose which ride they can make it out for, once a fortnight, once a month, once a year, its upto you. If we are still of interest then please read on and have a look around our site.